New proposal submitted: Technology as support in modern arts

Friday, December 15th, 2017.
Faculty of Polytechnics UDG with ProDe Lab has submitted the proposal to Montenegrin ministry of Science for Co-funding of Innovative Project: The project Technology in the Function of Art, aims to create a network of arts disciplines and of applied art (graphic design, product design, fashion design, photography and multimedia) from one side and technical disciplines (polytechnics, electrical engineering and information systems) on the other side. Design technologies will provide the dimension of functionality, ergonomics and as much efficiency as possible. By utilizing the contemporary technical solutions, artwork is aimed to intrigue the combined perception of feelings in the observer (the effect of synthesis). By creating a visual identity, an ICT product will receive an additional value that will separate it from a group of the same or similar products.

The pilot project will demonstrate the importance and necessity of joint work for students of polytechnics, electrical engineering, information technology, design and multimedia. Through this project, the plan is to go through all the stages of  the creative design: from the idea to the  finished product,  emphasizing the planning and development,  design, testing and protection of intellectual property rights. Project is aimed to give students a chance, by their own initiative, of starting their own bussines.

Project is amied to benefit from the  variety of student's education profiles - contained withn a phyiscal framewotk of the one school builing   -  University of Donja Gorica, what serves as  an excellent base for development and promoting the idea of the project.

The realization of the IoT lamp will include the following phases:

• adapting the existing design of the product to the requirements for placing electronics;

• defining the architecture of the smart lamp system;

• realization of hardware and software components of the system;

• product testing;

• branding and protection;

• product promotion.

Project goals summarize:

• creating a smart lamp;

• linking artistic and technical disciplines;

• Encouraging students to realize their own ideas;

• developing awareness of the needs of the market as well as the necessity of having an early presence on the market;

• creation of a potential Montenegrin brand and

• unique creativity of souvenir character.